Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning

The Graduation announements are in the mail, 18 days and counting until Lonia graduates from C.H.S. Now all that's left to do is clean, clean, clean and cook of course for the 50 odd people that will be coming to the open house. We started Friday with the carpets, Saturday I decided that I needed to freshen up the house so I took everything off of the walls, shelves, etc. and had a garage sale in my living room, it was like getting all new stuff. The wreath from the girls bathroom is now in the living room, the family picture from the front room is now above the know how it goes. Sunday I tackled the kitchen cleaning all of the cupboards, drawers, and the dreaded pantry. Today I will start on the 4 closets that house everything (meaning all my JUNK) that you need once maybe twice a year. I need to be on one of those "organize my junk" shows...Oprah save me. Tomorrow the new furniture is being delivered. Leather couches, tables and lamps for the living room and a new dining room table, for those of you who know me you know the new dining room table is long over due. Eric planted flowers yesterday and filled the 8 empty pots they are now brimming with red petunia's and yellow pansy's. Now I just need to clean the cobweb's from my head and get mentally organized. Why is it so much easier to clean your house than it is to Clean Your House?